söndag 13 oktober 2013

Intressant föreläsning om smärta

En intressant och även underhållande föreläsning av den australienska smärtforskaren Lorimer Moseley.
Den heter "Pain. Is it just in your mind?" och är 48 min lång

Beskrivningen på Youtube är så här:
"Pain has been part of the human experience longer than magnetic bracelets, ergonomic chairs, whiplash and repetitive strain injury. Yet it is just in the last few decades that we have realised how terrifically complex pain really is and how wrong many of our assumptions about pain really are.

Pain is an important issue. Its impact on our society is staggering - more Australians suffer from chronic pain than diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer combined. Every day, chronic pain and its management costs Australia almost a million dollars. How can this be?

In this fascinating Knowledge Works lecture, Professor Lorimer Moseley will examine two important questions - "Why does it hurt?" and "Why does it still hurt?" He will share findings from his international research investigating the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain disorders."

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